Who We Are

Emvelo Group is a Pan-African green and circular economy company with interest in sustainable development, renewable solar energy, low-carbon and green infrastructure projects. Pancho Ndebele, a green empressario (entrepreneur), energy, water, and sustainable development professional is the founder of Emvelo.

Our Purpose

“Unlocking Africa’s Green Economy” - through the development and implementation of renewable energy, low-carbon and green infrastructure assets that deliver sustainable socio-economic returns for present and future generations.

Our Values

Emvelo's values resonate with like-minded, purpose driven individuals, employees, professionals, partners, and stakeholders that believe in business as a force for good and in creating a better life for present and future generations.

Value 1: Doing what is right, just & fair


The Meaning

“Our name Emvelo comes from the Zulu word Ezemvelo meaning in tune with Mother Nature / Environment”

Value 2: UFRESHi

Emvelo’s trademarked acronym for;

Ubuntu – “we are all who we are through others”

Faith – the confidence and hope to attain our purpose and vision.

Respect – treating all our diverse stakeholders with respect and dignity.

Entrepreneurial – an innovative, creative and solution driven mindset in everything we do.

Sustainability – doing what is good for the present and future generations. 

Humility – humble in our interactions with all stakeholders, regardless of our differences, backgrounds, and cultures.

Integrity – honest and trustworthy about our purpose, vision, and work we do.